A few months ago, I wrote about the importance of having digital assets for your business, your brand, and your product or service. However, having a beautiful website or profiles on social networks is not enough to attract prospects. You must look for them! Here are the four most used digital marketing techniques to help you improve your company’s reputation and increase the interest of your potential customers,

1. Search Engine Marketing

This technique stands out your product or service in taking advantage of consumer behaviour at search engines. It includes two methods: the first one it is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is the process of improving the ranking of the website in the organic results of the search engines. The second one is the search engine’s advertising to increase your website or a landing page exposition according to the match of keywords. In both cases, you should put yourself at the user’s place and think about the style of his research before selecting the keywords. For example, it is better to choose the keyword: “buy a car in Montreal” on “cars Montreal.”

2. Social Media Marketing

Very popular in recent years, social networks are an essential part of your marketing strategy. I cannot insist enough on the importance of choosing the right social network for your business. Remember, it is not necessary to have a profile on each social platform, but it is mandatory to be at social’s media networks where your target audience is. The goal of social media marketing is not to collect subscribers, but to engage them and to have quality interactions with your potential customers.

Like search engines, social networks offer the opportunity to improve your notoriety in an organic (natural) way or by promoting advertisements.

3. Email Marketing

This marketing strategy is not always applicable. While search engine marketing and social marketing, are techniques to attract large audiences, email marketing is a direct marketing technique that requires your message to be more targeted. So, you need to be sure your message is relevant by delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. You must also pay attention to sending frequency for not to be banned by your subscribers.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing looks forward to the use of the reputation of the most active members of a community to communicate your value proposition. For example, a famous blogger who writes about your product, an article published in a newspaper or magazine. If you decide to go on board to influence marketing pay attention to the choice of the influencer because its image and communication style must be in line with your company’s values and brand image.

I guess at that point you’re wondering what kind of marketing is right for you. In fact, the answer, as usual, varies according to your value proposition and your goals. Anyway, I recommend you to try several combinations until you find the one which better work for you. How do you know which choice to take? Listen to your target, the client always has the last word.