Nowadays, everyone knows a bit about digital marketing. Thus, some people have several profiles on social networks, know some tools and read about the “latest trends”. However, being “user of the products that are on the market” is quite different from being “creator or seller of these products”. Today’s marketing is complex and requires acquired expertise. If you neglect it, you risk making mistakes and damaging the reputation of your business. Here are three mistakes to avoid when implementing your digital marketing strategy:


To engage an amateur in working your enterprise graphic image

The graphic image of your business is strongly related to the perception your customers have about your products and services. It is important that the image of your company involves a positive influence and in line with your values and business objectives. In fact, a strong brand image is always tied to the communication plan. That’s why you should engage a marketing professional and a graphic designer to work the different components of the brand and establish the foundations of a solid image that creates trust with your customers. Remember: the image of your company is more than a logo; It also includes the typography, the color palette and the layout of your corporate documents.

Trying to build the Web site yourself

Since the proliferation of Internet platforms to build websites, I have seen an increase in companies that are starting to develop their own pages by forgetting basic elements like aesthetics, ergonomics, value proposition through relevant content, keywords to improve search engine positioning, display speed, and so on. In fact, these websites end up becoming obsolete by the lack of a well-considered evolution strategy. I admit that in building a website, it is not the development the most difficult phase, but the strategy the most important part to think about. This is the reason why you need a specialist to accompany you.


Open a profile in every trendy social network

At least that your target is there, the popularity of a social network is not a reason to be there! Social media is a very powerful tool to work your company’s reputation, to develop a community around your brand and to find potential customers. Nevertheless, you may have the opposite effect if your presence is not justified by the publication of relevant content and meaningful interactions with the community. In fact, before opening a profile on social networks, think about your strategy: is your potential client there? How do you build a relationship with your community? What is the value your content will bring to your subscribers?


In short, in a hyper-connected world where most people have access to “Do it yourself” tools, it’s normal to think that anyone can perform a company’s digital positioning. However, quacking development of a logotype, creating a profile on social networks or building a website using online tools are not the most important activities to achieve a good Internet reputation. A professional support will help you to build a strategy to choose the tools according to the area of expertise of your company and the dynamics of the market.