Today, I share with you a new step in my professional journey, a natural evolution stemming from my constant quest for learning and growth. After years of exploring the intricacies of Agility, Design Thinking, and Innovation, I am wholeheartedly delving into the captivating realm of Service Design.


The Convergence of Skills: Agility, Design Thinking, and Facilitation

What makes this transition particularly exciting is how seamlessly it aligns with the skills I’ve developed in Agility, Design Thinking, and Facilitation. Agility, with its iterative and collaborative approach, blends perfectly with the principles of Service Design. Adaptability, continuous experimentation, and stakeholder engagement are equally crucial in service design in product development.

Facilitation, an art I’ve honed over the years, becomes an even more precious skill in the context of Service Design. Leading co-creation workshops, guiding design sessions, and facilitating collaboration among multidisciplinary teams are essential elements for ensuring the success of a user-centered approach.


Merging Existing Knowledge with a New Dynamic

This pivot is not merely a methodological shift but a dynamic fusion of my existing skills with Service Design principles. Familiar concepts from Agility, such as sprint planning and sprint reviews, naturally intertwine with the iterative phases of Service Design. Facilitation, in turn, becomes the tool that guides the process, facilitating a deep understanding of user needs and ensuring harmonious collaboration.


The Excitement of Continuous Learning

This career change is not just a professional adaptation but an ongoing learning journey. Each day brings new nuances, and new approaches, and the satisfaction of refining a service to meet the specific needs of users is unparalleled.


Thus, I embark with enthusiasm on this new phase, infused with deep respect for Agility, Design Thinking, and Innovation that have guided me so far. With these solid foundations, I am ready to explore the depths of user-centered design in the dynamic world of Service Design.

Thank you for following me on this journey. Stay tuned for new insights, discoveries, and shares in this universe where creativity, adaptability, and collaboration shape the future of user-centered services.