Easy to have but difficult to maintain, cyber reputation is gaining ground as a strategic professional tool. I will explain below why you should take care of your brand’s image on the Internet.

A convenient way to understand the definition of online reputation is to search for either your name or your enterprise’s name on Google. All the results obtained will determine your digital positioning. It means that within 3 seconds anybody can know if your cyber image is consistent with your real life’s picture.

Thanks to your online reputation, your prospects will be able to access your products and services, but also other customers’ opinion of your enterprise. Your cyber reputation also offers a quick way to see the elements that make you stand out from your competition. Without a well-established presence on the Internet, you will lose the opportunity to make your business grow by improving your products and services with the help of your customers online. In short, the basis of your online brand’s image is the information that can be found on you or your enterprise on the Internet.

Regarding our province, the Institut de la statistique du Québec states that 80% of all Québécois use the Internet daily and 89% of them use it to make online purchases. Consumers’ habits have changed and we can be certain the number of e-commerce transactions will increase in the coming years. That is why enterprises should use the opportunities provided by this technology to get closer to their customers. Websites, social networks, and blogs are the most important tools for professionals, entrepreneurs, and enterprises. It is imperative to understand each one before using it and make sure every online project has a business goal.

Your cyber reputation is the image of your professional or enterprise’s brand online. Because of the high Internet penetration rate in Quebec, an Internet presence has become an essential marketing tool to sell your value proposition. Now that you know how important a cyber reputation is, don’t wait and take action now.