It’s been two weeks since I had the pleasure of meeting the entrepreneurs of the new cohort in Innovinc RBC’s Millenium program and assisting them in practicing their sales pitches. The goal was clear: prepare them to shine during their sales pitches, capture investors’ attention, and propel their projects toward success. Here’s a summary of the invaluable recommendations I shared with these ambitious minds to create an unforgettable pitch.


1. Contextualize Your Project by Identifying a Concrete Problem:

An effective sales pitch begins with describing a problem that impacts a specific segment of the population. You must make your listener understand why your project is essential.


2. Support Your Problem with Facts:

A mere assertion won’t cut it. Gather statistics, data, testimonials, or interview results to prove that the problem you’ve identified is real. This validation is crucial for establishing credibility.


3. Present Your Solution:

After establishing the problem, describe how you plan to solve it for the segment of people you’ve identified. Engage your listener by encouraging them to react and provide their input. An open discussion can work wonders.


4. Showcase Your Achievements:

If you have prototypes, minimum viable products (MVPs), or if you’ve already won over customers or partners, share this experience. Explain what you’ve learned and what your next steps are. These successes bolster your credibility.


5. State What You’re Looking For:

Conclude by explaining what you’re seeking. Do you need testers, partners, or investors to take your project to the next level? Be specific, as this can pique your audience’s interest.


In conclusion, the sales pitch for an entrepreneur is a true puzzle, a complex jigsaw to assemble for each audience. The essence is to grab attention and maintain interest. Feeling a bit of stress during the initial attempts is completely normal, but practice will make each pitch more convincing.

Over time, with perseverance and by incorporating these tips, every entrepreneur can refine their pitch, become a master in the art of presentation, and open the doors to investment and success for their project. So, to your pitches, get set, go towards a promising future!