Facebook, the social network with more users in the world makes big efforts to simplify the profile creation for companies. Due to its page “Facebook Business” and its on-line help, it is really easy to achieve. Nevertheless, most of the companies forget to fill essential information which supports the improvement of the enterprise credibility and branding. In following, some options not to be forgotten when you configure the Facebook page of your company:

Your company’s basic information

Make available all the information which your customers need to make contact:

  1. The user name or the personalized URL: to find your page easily. Pay attention to the Facebook’s page guidelines, because some limitations are imposed.
  2. The page description of your company in 155 characters. Do not forget to add it your keywords.
  3. The address, the telephone, the e-mail and the address of the Web site. Later, you can integrate this information with other Facebook’s services.
  4. The opening hours and customer service.
  5. Your accounts in others social networks.You can change this information at Page + About :

The general settings of the Facebook page

These adjustments look forward better targeting your presence on Facebook and increasing the interactions between your community and your brand:

  1. Authorize the access to visitors to communicate directly with you through the contact button.
  2. Set the visibility of your page according to the country and the age of the users.
  3. Restrict vulgar expressions.
  4. Activate the publication in several languages (a really useful option for Montreal)

Options are available at Settings + General:


The target configuration

Even if you can modify this option all the time, it is important to choose the right audience from the beginning. In this way, your publications will be seen by people who are really interested in your products and services.

This option is available at Paramètres + Prefered Page Audience :


You have now new tips to increase your company’s visibility on Facebook. Keep them in mind and remember that these actions must be accompanied by others marketing strategies. If you have specific questions about your company’s Facebook page, do not doubt to contact me, I will be delighted to help you!