Since the arrival of search engines offering the best possible user experience such as GoogleYahoo and Bing, the competition between enterprises to appear first on the results page is constantly increasing. These research tools often update their indexing programs. Taking regular optimization actions is essential to keep a privileged positioning that will bring your value offer closer to potential customers.

To keep in mind in order to develop your SEO and your web positioning:

Pages structure

  1. Keywords:think of your target audience and the way they search for information online. Then assign a keyword to each page. Google Trends can give you a few ideas.
  2. Page title:it has to be related to the description of the page, not the website. It should also include the keyword. The recommended length is between 60 and 65 characters. Make sure all of your pages have one!
  3. Page description: it’s the text shown under the title in the search engines. It should not exceed 156 characters and should include the keywords chosen for the page.


Organization of contents

  1. Contents’ quality:write unique, relevant and interesting contents to add value for your visitors. It’s also important to include keywords.
  2. Hierarchy of information:make sure your texts are well structured. Use titles (H1, H2 …), categorize the information and promote the most important elements. In other words, make your contents more readable.


Your website’s activity

  1. The frequency of use: an updated website brings more visitors. Assess the possibility of having a blog; it’s a good way of showing your expertise.
  2. Hyperlinks:the links you add on your pages (internal) and the links on other web pages to your website (external) are important. They “give you points” to improve your ranking.

Most content management systems offer tools to configure your referencing settings. If you use WordPress, you can choose from a number of extensions. If your website is developed by a programmer, you should ask the developer to modify it.

In conclusion, having a beautiful website is not enough. Considering the importance of search engines, optimizing your natural referencing has become a major part of your marketing strategy. Do not wait any longer and take action to improve your Internet visibility. It’s free!